Baking of gluten-free cake

Baking of gluten-free cake

  1. Put the baking pan on a baking tray and bake until golden brown;
  2. Do not open the oven for the first 20 minutes. Otherwise the cake may not rise.
  3. Shortly before the baking time finishes, check the cake by inserting a skewer to check whether it comes clean out or it does not (clean skewer = baked cake);
  4. If the cake needs more baking after the time baking finishes, transfer it to lower level inside of the oven;
  5. Well baked gluten-free bread gives characteristic hollow sound after knocking its bottom from underneath;
  6. Gluten-free bakings require more rapid baking than the gluten ones (shorter time, higher temperaturę) to get crispy crust and soft inside;
  7. To prevent from excessive drying of cake, put a casserole with water into the oven;
  8. Gluten-free Yeast dough dries out quite soon so while baking do not use convection;
  9. Cool the gluten-free bakings on wired rack.